Sunday, December 3, 2023

Questions For Divorced Women

– Would you still love your mother and father if they made less money than you do?
– Would you still love your sons and daughters if they made less money than you do?
– Would you still love your aunts and uncles if they made less money than you do?
– Would you still love your cousins if they made less money than you do?
– Would you still love your brothers and sisters if they made less money than you do?
– Then why won’t you love the man that you promised to love and cherish until death due you two apart?
– Why do you punish your own children by taking the most important man away from them when their father loses a job?
– Why do you use the police, lawyers and judges to break that man down when he does not fulfill every single one of your fantasies and cannot provide for your every want, need, desire and emotion on a silver platter, when, where and how you want it?
– Why do you choose to hate and not love the hand that fed you!
– Why do you exclude your love from the man you promised to love?

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Saturday, December 2, 2023

TheXYGhost 040

If she cheated on you, then you picked the wrong one again.


This Post Will Hurt Many Men

1. How many children have you lost in the hands of women?
2. How many were kidnapped and the courts allowed it?
3. How many women told you “This is your baby and it wasn’t?
4. How many of your children were killed at the hands of a woman? (Abortion or otherwise)
5. How many of the above have you seen in other men’s lives?
6. Were you kidnapped by your mother and kept from your father?
7. Did you know all your mother’s boyfriend’s names and never knew your father?
8. Do you want to be the father of another man’s children while yet another man tucks your kids to bed at night?
9. How much money have you wasted in lawyer’s fees, legal costs, court fees and time off work just to see your kids 4 days a month while another man tucks in your children at night?
10. Do these questions hurt too much?
11. Do you have what it takes to make a change for the better now?
Six Easy Steps
I. Share This (this means re-posting it)
II. React to this
III. Comment
IV. Join and become the solution
V. Invite men you know to change history
VI. Post This on a pertinent Facebook Group
I ain’t playing softball no more.

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Friday, December 1, 2023

TheXYGhost 039

Is she nagging you to, “Commit to Her”?

Why has she not committed to you?


She Will Test Your Love For Her

She Will Test Your Love For Her
I have seen so many girls in the past deliberately go out of their way to start troubles with another man just to see if their man would fight for them. It’s like the boy who cried “wolf”. Later on, hearing from that girl to hear that she did it to see how much her man loves her, when deliberately putting her man in harm’s way was proof positive that she doesn’t care about him. When will a girl put the same efforts in loving her man?

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

TheXYGhost 038

Why am I called a woman hater when I point out when women mistreating men?


Women Murder Way More Than Men

Where are your Sons and Daughters?
In a massacre that is almost unspeakable, more than 66 million American babies have been murdered in the United States since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

TheXYGhost 037

Her Father: What can you offer my daughter?

TheXYGhost : What kind of offering are you expecting?

I Have Learned From My Past

From time to time, in the beginnings of the many relationships I have had, the girls involved would stop to check if I loved them. They would all ask, “Do you love me?” and when I gave my truthful answer, they would almost always be disappointed and ask again during the course of the day. One girl even asked me if I loved her and right after I said my piece, she immediately said, “How about now?”, as if my mind changed that very second.
One day a new girl in my life started with the same question that all others in the past did. I answered her with, “I love you as much as you love me!”
I was set back by how angry she got right away. No doubt we had an argument about this, she was pissed off that I loved her so little, not realizing that she was admitting her lack of love towards me.
That hour we broke up with her saying, “I only want to date a man that loves me right from the start.” She was even more infuriated when I told her that she was easily replaced, and I’ll find another soon.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

TheXYGhost 036

Be her provider! Hopefully you can make more money than she can spend.


Why I Choose MGTOW

They say MGTOW’s are a bunch of men that are losers because they can’t get themselves a woman.
As for myself, here are my experiences with women with regards to having girlfriends:
I had a girlfriend that became pregnant and I thought I was the father. I took care of my responsibilities above and beyond what I saw others did. I slowed down my college, took on two jobs and bought supplies, clothes, furniture and other things for the baby to come. The baby was born. I’m Caucasian, my girlfriend was too. The baby that was born, was black. She blamed me for not “being there for her”. I walked away, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
My next girlfriend got pregnant very early on despite my careful planning. But I accepted and then there were questions. Why was she 6 months pregnant when I was only with her for 5 months. Back then there was no DNA tests. A blood test proved upon birth that I could not be the father. She blamed me for not being able to control her, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
I became more cautious. My next girlfriend I thought I chose carefully. She got pregnant too. The development of the fetus was on the same timeline as my presence. Then I received a phone call from someone that told me that I was interfering with his girl (my girlfriend). I invited him for coffee and we found out that my girlfriend was playing us both. $1,800 and a DNA test proved, I was not the father. Yes, she blamed her infidelity on me, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
Then I became even more cautious. I rejected many until I was sued by a woman for child support. I only knew the girl’s first name and never laid a finger on her. She put my name on her child’s birth certificate and that was all that was needed. She was suing me with the help of the NY State Social Services. The case was dropped once it was discovered that the girl in question was petitioning the Department of Health to change the name of the father on the Birth Certificate, yet again. My name was the second name that was second father in a line of a few, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
While the above was happening, I ran into one of my previous ex-girlfriends on the street. We exchanged numbers and the only reason she called me was to tell me that when she left me, she was pregnant and she had to abort it because I was not making enough money to raise it, trying to place her guilt on me. But I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
I started to keep women at arm’s distance. Never telling them where I lived or work. (Pump and dump) in the same time that all of the above happened, I had one girl that told her friends that I had raped her. I have never touched her. Another girlfriend told her friends and mine, I raped her too. She was a pump and dumper.
I had girlfriends that told me their stepdad had regular sex with them since they were in their early teens. I had single mothers of girlfriends that wanted to have sex with me and when I turned them down, they convinced their daughter to break up with me. One aunt of my girlfriend did the same but left me alone once I turned her down. I had girlfriends whose best friends did the same.
I had girlfriends that said that they were pregnant when they were not.
Two of my ex-girlfriends were married and forgot to tell me.
One girlfriend told me that she had herpes and it was nothing to worry about while telling me how she scared men off in the past by telling them she had herpes.
I finally got married. She had good parents and a cool brother. I thought this was it. Weeks after we got married, she cried to me that she was unable to have children. I was upset but accepted my fate. Three weeks before Christmas and a week before our 3rd wedding anniversary, my wife left me and moved into her new boyfriend’s apartment. Only one week before this, my wife told me that the first time I had sex with her I raped her. What?!? I raped her and she married me? Make no mistake, she blamed me too. It was my fault that I believed her.
When I cleaned my apartment out, I found all her birth control pills hidden away in her side of the closet. People told me it was my fault for not checking up on her on a regular basis and not looking in her personal stuff. She gave birth to a boy a year later from the guy she moved in with after she left me.
My ex-wife stole $250,000 from me and spent $80,000 in credit card bills under my name and lawyers said I had no real recourse.
That was nearly 19 years ago. I’m 55 years old and a man last night told me I look like I’m in my early 40’s. 22 years of looking for a woman to partner with was a living hell. 19 years of single life had its ups and downs but I will never trade the life I have for a woman!
Since my divorce, I have had 15 women propose marriage to me. I’ve declined them all. They ask me why and I tell them the stories of my past. They almost always tell me the same things;
1 – “You picked the wrong women”
2 – “Not all girls are like that”

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Monday, November 27, 2023

TheXYGhost 035

Never financially obligate yourself to an entity whose prerogative is to change their mind.


Sunday, November 26, 2023

Lunch With My Sister

I had a late lunch with my liberal, leftist, Democrat sister today that had 3 kids from 3 different men and lives in NYC housing projects on government money. She had 3 child support payments and government subsidized housing, free gas and electricity, food stamps, and welfare. Meanwhile, she sublet one of her bedrooms for market rate and she had an off the books job. Now that the kids have grown, she bought a house on the waterfront in cash while maintaining the government subsidized rent.
She said that Trump was a racist that is only using the presidency to make himself richer. She never questions the $149 million Hillary Clinton made while she was Secretary of State or why she has $31 million in 4 mansions. She faults him for ending the war in Syria when Obama campaigned to end the wars as his number one priority. Instead, Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner before he was president for 2 months, started 12 wars including the one Trump ended in Syria.
The truth is that she wants to protect her source of income from her current husband, the government.
In my conversation with her I mentioned that every woman hates her husband. She corrected me by saying, I never hated any of my husbands, I just knew it was time for them to leave.

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

TheXYGhost 033

I encourage all women to embrace feminism. It’s easy. Drive a truck or an Uber. Be your own boss. Take a man out to dinner.


Women Wants a Man to be Her Personal Servant

Women think that a man’s job is to:
1) Seek them out
2) Pursue them, even though they reject them at every stage (if you are worthy in her mind, you should keep pursuing although she is telling you to stop. If you are not worthy in her mind, watch out)
3) Impress them
4) Wine and dine them
5) Find what makes her happy and do it constant because she will refuse to take any action for her own.
6) Be richer than all of her previous boyfriends
7) Satisfy her in bed better than all other men she has been with. (Again, she will give you not a single clue about what she wants or enjoys)
8) Be her provider and provide for all her wants needs and desires when she wants it and how she wants it no matter the cost.
9) Protect her no matter if she puts you in harm’s way deliberately just to see how you perform.
10) Act jealous but not too jealous. It’s all to her liking and she will flirt with others to see how you react. So, perform to her liking again.
11) Do all the above or she won’t see you again but she will treat you like a wimp when you do all she expects from you.
Fuck all that shit:
1) If you want me to protect you with my life, show me that you are worth my time and you are worth me dying over.
2) If you want a King in your life don’t expect me to be your servant. Kings are obeyed and servants get stepped on.
3) What can you do for me that I can’t do or pay for myself?
4) Are you even worth my time, efforts, energy and resources or are you going to add to my work? I like driving nice cars. High maintenance cars get left on the side of the road.

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Friday, November 24, 2023

TheXYGhost 032

96% of violent criminals were raised by single mothers.

80% of women file for divorce.


Today’s Woman in a Nutshell

Women today are so demanding and unforgiving with their ultra-high, wants, needs and desires that are on fantasy levels and have never been attained before in her lifetime. They are not satisfied with a man just liking them, they want love, and not only love on a scale never before experienced, they want their man to be in love with them and constantly prove it under any and all conditions. A woman will test that “love” with every trick she has. In her way, she is saying, “Love me even though I kicked you in your balls”. To her that is unconditional love. If you try to explain to her that the love that she demands is developed over many years and does not come in a packet of instant love (just add water), she will instantly think that you are weaseling out of your duty to be in love with her while passing all her tests. At this point, she will pacify you and keep you happy until she finds another man to start the process off from the beginning.
She will have many other demands that she wants of her “little performing monkey”, but she will never tell him what she wants, she will just hint.
Over and over again I hear women and some men make the statement that the key to a good relationship is communication, but the woman is guilty of the breakdown because she communicates in hints.
You are just another resource to her as she is looking to monkey branch to the next unsuspecting guy she finds.
Finding a replacement guy for her is easy as she can easily find some guy to believe her one sided tales of your abusive ways. The new guy will immediately believe her and her alone as he ignores the other side of the story. He falsely feels good as her new protector and she feels protected that this new guy believes her and her alone.
When and if she finds the person that knows what she wants, and bends over backwards to give her that.

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

TheXYGhost 031

Her: I have been in many successful relationships.

TheXYGhost : I wish you many more.

Why So Many “Strong Independent Women” Are Single

They asked me why so many strong women are single. This was my answer;
1) Because women always marry up. They marry, stronger, faster, richer, taller, etc. it’s hard for them to stay with a man when they are constantly comparing their status attributes and competing with any man that comes their way.
2) They are dominant, domineering and they tend to be dominant towards their men. That is not a feminine attribute. Weak men like to be dominated and strong man will walk away from that.
3) They are not looking for a partner, they are looking for a competitor and they don’t know when to stop.
4) The women who believe they are strong are weak because they believe they need to show off their strength 24/7 non-stop.
5) They consider themselves strong and need to prove it every step of the way and they think a stronger man will do the same.
6) They are looking for a man stronger than they are (their own personal definition of strength) and they believe a strong man will do the same as they do only longer and better.
7) They want a man to put them in their (subjectively defined) place although they will never acknowledge their (self-perceived) place, thus proving themselves weaker.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

TheXYGhost 030

She has 3 kids from three men. She is independent!

You got 3 girls pregnant. She calls you a loser because you always pick the wrong girls.


The Single Female Test

For those of you that are still looking for Miss. Right, here is an impassable test for her.
Ask her the following;
1) How many successful relationships have you had?
The answer should be zero. You need to also ask why it was successful. Did she achieve her objective and left? If it was so successful, why did it end? If she is over 25, why can’t you maintain a relationship?
2) Are you looking for a “Provider”?
If she answers, “Yes”, you need to ask her who is providing for her now. You also need to ask her, what provisions does she require?
3) Why did your last relationship end?
Whatever she answers, you hold that against her. Some common answers are;
a. “We didn’t get along” – Then ask her why can’t she get along with people.
b. “We weren’t ‘right’ for each other” – Then ask her why she started dating him if he wasn’t ‘right’ for her.
c. “He cheated”
“He lied”
“He was a drug addict”
Then you really hit her with, “Wow, you sure know how to pick ’em. You must really like the ‘Bad boys’ and you have issues.”
4) “He was abusive” – Tell her that you can find 10,000 men that will absolutely will never hit a woman. She found the abuser. She found the one man out of 10,000 that will hit a woman. Either that or she must have done something to get abused. Beatings don’t just drop from the sky.
5) If she tells you, “He always did what I told him” You need to ask her why did she asked him to do things she never wanted him to do.
Add your own test below in the comments.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

And You Want to Date a Single Mom

From the time I was a child to my twilight years I’ve heard young girls telling their friends how hot their step-dad is…
…And you want to date a single mom.
I’ve often heard young girls brag (mostly lies) how they had sex with their step-dad…
…And you want to date a single mom.
Many years I heard stories of girls telling their friends that their step-dad was molesting them.
…And you want to date a single mom.
When your girlfriend (a single mom) wants to punish you for not wanting to marry her, she will accuse you of molesting her daughter.
…And you still want to date a single mom.
When you turn down a woman’s sexual advances, she will stop at nothing to lash out at you. Her daughter is no different.
…And you still want to date a single mom.

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Monday, November 20, 2023

TheXYGhost 028

A woman’s sexual market value peaks at age 25. Her sexual appetite peaks at around 35

Ha! Ha!


Wisdom From a 76-Year-Old Pastor and Marriage Counselor

I spoke to a 76-year-old man the other day. He was a minister and a marriage counselor for 45 years. He told me that the first 12 years of his marriage counseling experience, he couldn’t believe how bad all the men were. One day he started all his initial counseling session with the question, “How is your relationship with your spouse?” He would ask the husband first and then the wife. What he found out was eye-opening.
All of the husbands would answer the question by saying everything is OK. The wife, on the contrary would mention every single one of the man’s “faults” to a tee including anything and everything that was not under either of their control.
He also said how the wife would use the word, “enough” as part of her complain. They would say, “He doesn’t love me enough.”, “He doesn’t spend enough time with kids” and the dreaded, “He doesn’t give me enough attention.”
When he’d ask the wife, “What is enough?” They would almost always reply, “More than he is doing now”. When he asked the wives what their solution was. The answer was almost always be, “Divorce”. Just imagine that, they would think that the solution to not spending “enough” time with the kids, was a permanent dismissal from the home.

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Sunday, November 19, 2023

TheXYGhost 027

Women, it’s easy to become a feminist. Just take a hard working man to dinner and pay the check.


The Diminishing Price of a Woman

I remember back in the 1970’s there was a documentary about prostitution in New York City. The hookers said they charged $100 per hour.
In the 1980’s when I worked the New York City nightclub scene, it was still about $100 per hour.
By the late 1990’s a friend of mine told me that he pays women $70 – $80 per hour.
Over this past weekend, (August 2019) a man told me that the going rate was about $50 per hour.
You might think that the price of a call girl’s hourly service fee has gone down $50 in 50 years, and you’d be wrong. If you factor in for inflation, the $100 back in the 1970’s had the buying power of today’s $661. That is a savings of 92%. Factor in the Law of Supply and Demand and you will see that the ladies of the evening were scarce back then, thus commanding a higher price. What does that say about the girls of today?

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

TheXYGhost 026

Her: Provide for me because I’m 48 years old but I look 30.

TheXYGhost : Are you nuts?

It’s Always A Man’s Fault

– When a woman hits a man, the man is wrong. She must have hit him for a reason.
– When a man hits a woman, he is wrong and he goes to jail.
– When a man divorces a woman, he is wrong and he will pay.
– When a woman divorces a man, takes his kids, he must have done something wrong and he must pay.
– When a man cheats, on a woman, she will leave him and he needs to pay.
– When a woman cheats and brings another child into a man’s life, he is supposed to be understanding.
If a woman sues for divorce and takes everything a man has worked for his entire life, and now he needs to rent an apartment and ride the bus, he is no good.

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Friday, November 17, 2023

TheXYGhost 025

Women can have abortions without the fathers permission. Men need permission from their wives to get a vasectomy.

My body my choice?


5 Kids From 5 Restaurant Owners

I remember one day this woman wanted to introduce me to a “Good Girl”. A really “Nice Girl” that was asking around about me. When I found out she was talking about her niece, I asked her son about his cousin. He told me to stay away from his cousin. He didn’t say it in the way a brother does to protect her. He told me that his cousin had 5 kids from 5 different restaurant owners. Was divorced twice and never had any kids from those marriages. He also told me that his cousin was a real dominator. She felt the need to dominate anyone she saw fit.
I never stopped by my friend’s place again. Sure, we went out from time to time but I never went back to his mom’s place as his cousin was in the process of breaking up with the last father of her last child and preparing to move in with her mom. (Dependency, Dependency, Dependency).
As time went by, my friend told me stories about his cousin. She was pregnant with restaurant owner #1 while still married with husband #1. That fizzled out fast and just like that divorce #1 was done and husband #2 cucked his way in. She was pregnant again with restaurant owner #2 and divorce # 2 soon followed.
She hid the fact that she had children at all when she met the next 3 restaurant owners. She had 2 abortions when she was in her teens and had a host of STDs in the past. She even had a few drug-addicted boyfriends and one in prison.
If this is a “Good Girl” and a “Nice Girl” I sure hate to see what a bad girl is like.=

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

TheXYGhost 024

Date a feminist! She will pay for the dinner, drinks and the movie.


She’s In College for Pre-Wed

Back in 2003 I had a very interesting conversation with a girl I met at a Starbucks in Manhattan (New York City). We talked for hours and I started to get hungry. I offered to pay for soup in this fancy Chinese soup restaurant across the street. Since she was a student at Columbia University, I knew she had no money.
We continued the conversation at the restaurant when she almost immediately said why she picked Columbia University. She told me that she was looking for a rich man to take care of her. I never flinched a muscle and continued to talk to her.
I already knew what a girl means when she says, “take care of me”. It means that she will do absolutely nothing at all for the provisions that she expects from her provider. What it means is she expects that you provide for her every want, need and desire, when, where and how she wants without any reciprocation on her part. If you do not fulfill all of her very unreasonable fantasies as she demands, a scorched-earth divorce is your punishment.
I finished the meal and paid for the bill. We put on our coats and walked out the door. Outside, I shook her hand and wished her well as I started to walk away. Astonished, she asked me why I was not asking for her phone number. I simply said, “I’m not rich, but there are many guys out there that are way more financially gifted than I am.” Then I walked away and never turned back.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

When My Wife Walked Out On Me

When my wife walked out on me, she moved in with her new simp right away.
Soon after the accusations were pounding on my face;
– You must have done something wrong for her to leave you?
– What did you do to her to make her leave you?
– She must have left you for a reason.
– You picked the wrong girl.
– Maybe you didn’t know how to satisfy her.
– Maybe you didn’t know how to make her happy.
– You hate women.
The funny thing about this is that when word got around that my wife left me, All the single moms, divorced women and married women started to show their availability to me in a very overtly sexual way.
When I told the married women that I do not play that game, they went back to their husbands and told them I made a move on them.
As for the single moms and divorced women, they would spread rumors about me when I refused their advances.
I had young girls telling me that their mommy “likes me”. I’ve even had one woman telling me that her daughter (a woman that had 5 kids from 5 different restaurant owners) was asking about me. She also had a simp of a boyfriend that never met with her mother’s approval.
When I denied advances from a girl, I was immediately called gay and other names. One woman suggested that I go on a gay dating site. I nearly lost it and blew up in her face. She started to giggle at my anger only stating, “You’re angry.” And maybe that’s why my wife left me.
Women at work spread all kinds of allegations about the reasons my wife left me without even knowing me or my ex that well. It was like living in a bizarro world on never ending accusations and advances. It got so crazy that I had to take a break from even talking about my divorce to anyone.
What are your experiences?
Were they similar to mine?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

TheXYGhost 022

Be a feminist! Be the breadwinner and provider for a man.


Stupid Shit That Only Women Say:

Stupid Shit That Only Women Say:
– He didn’t give me enough attention.
– I’m high maintenance.
– He couldn’t handle me.
– He is too nice.
– He wasn’t man enough.
– I’m worth it.
– He didn’t make me happy.
– I’m picky.
– There must be a reason.
– I’m bored
– He made me angry.
– He let me manipulate him.
– I want someone that will take care of me.
– He’s afraid of commitments.
– I don’t love him anymore.
– I’m highly educated.
– I’m a strong independent woman.
– You hate women.

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Monday, November 13, 2023

TheXYGhost 021

Flirting in the office is considered sexual harassment, if the man doing the flirting is broke or unattractive.


I Need to Put This on Record

They say I don’t know women. They say I’m jaded because of one girl that divorced me.
I’m ashamed to say that I had many girlfriends in my life. I have never cheated on any of my past girlfriends, I was accused several times.
I never hit any woman with whom I was involved. The other girls I’ve hit in the past I didn’t know and were self-defense.
I’ve had 3 girls that claimed that I got them pregnant. Thanks to a blood test (semi paternity test in the 1980’s), racial differences (I’m not black, neither was my girlfriend. The child was), and DNA testing, I’m not a father.
There were rumors that a girlfriend of mine had an abortion, she said it was mine.
One girlfriend told me flat out that she had aborted my child.
One girl put me on a birth certificate, I never even touched her and didn’t know her last name. Family court was called off when it was found out that she petitioned the Board of Health multiple times to change the father’s names, all different.
I had 4 girlfriends whose mothers (single moms, all 4 of them) were overtly hitting on me, when I refused, their mothers acted all the same, they told my girlfriend I was hitting on them.
4 – 6 of my friend’s girlfriends wanted to get with me and when I turned them down, good bye friends. (See above)
I had one girlfriend whose aunt hit on me and when I said no, she left it alone.
2 of my ex’s were married and they kept that small fact away from me.
I dated two single mothers, that was a big mistake both times.
4 of my ex’s claimed they had an ongoing affair with their stepfather. So, how do you feel about dating a single mom with a daughter now?
I’m not bragging, some of my ex’s fit into 2, 3 and 4 of these categories.
3 girls claimed that I raped them, (never formally) including my ex-wife who made the claim 2 weeks before she handed me my divorce papers about the first time we had sex, before we were married. Yeah, I raped her, then we got married, if you believe that one.
I had a few girlfriends that claimed to have been raped. But other things indicated otherwise.
I dated a famous singer of the 1970’s. I was 22 she was 38. She is still kicking at 69. No, it wasn’t Barbara Streisand.
I was involved with a rock star when she was in high school and I was at a nearby college.
I was involved with an actress whose both parents were very well-known actors.
1 of my ex’s was the unspoken love-child of, then Attorney General at the time, later on he became mayor of NYC and he ran for president in 2008.
I dated a model for Victoria Secret and Talbot.
I dated a woman that was worth $40 million and I thought that money would not be a reason we break up. It was. She said that I couldn’t keep up with her vacationing habits.
Between 2011 and 2014 I have had 14 women that asked me to marry them. OK, truth be told, most of them wanted green cards, at least 10 of them admitted that. 3 were foreigners that didn’t admit that’s why they wanted to marry. The last one was crazy. I’m 53 now, you gotta take what you can get at my age.
In the 1980’s I worked for a very famous club promoter in NYC. We worked at Studio 54, Tracks, Xenon, The Red Parrot, The Underground, The Palladium, etc. and I had a public access cable TV show that I filmed at these places. I had my choice of women.
I only had 2 girlfriends that were very cool but they both went back to Germany. Who knows, maybe they were the ones that got away and maybe I never knew them long enough. Who really knows?
My mom was a single mom by 1967. Her and my sister persistently tried to overpower me every chance they had. I knew all my mom’s boyfriends but I didn’t know my dad until I was 14. I really grew to like him when I reunited with him at age 48.
My sister had 3 kids from 3 men and I watched how she destroyed all men in her path.
I created my own escort service and had 3 girls going on 1 or 2 dates a night 5 – 6 days a week. I did this while working at an office job.
I worked as a phone psychic for 2 1/2 years where I would receive 20 – 30 phone calls per day 7 days a week. 95% of the callers were women wanting to know if one guy loves them while they plan to leave another.

Published: November 13, 2023 at 11:59AM

Sunday, November 12, 2023

TheXYGhost 020

Why do I need to Support, Provide for and Protect yet another fully grown, independent woman until she finds the man of her dreams?


My Life As A Phone Psychic #8

Most of my callers would be women complaining about their income source (their husband or boyfriend) while working on a new one that is still married or in a more committed relationship. They would tell me how their man would not live up to their expectation of what they imagined. I would always tell them that there are two men in their lives; one that they wanted to come into their life, the other one they want to leave. I would tell these women this even before they speak. They were so typical.
Day in and day out it was a factory assembly line of women telling me what they couldn’t tell their clergymen, friends, relatives or psychiatrists? It was no wonder how I pegged them so well without even a word from their mouths.
They would never see their actions as cheating. I would tell these women that I see them working hard to get a commitment from the married men they want but the men do not seem to be responding. I would usually praise these women with the level of effort they were providing in order to get their target men to commit to them. I even told these women that they were going above and beyond what they would usually do for the new man in order to get him to commit to her.
These women that called me were always so frustrated at their efforts to get an attached man to leave their committed partner and commit to them instead. Their dependencies were so intertwined. They depended on a man they hated while they looked at a new attached man as their new dependency. They will never drop one for the other. Walking that fine line to hold one in place while trying their best to attract and hold on to the new one. Never leaving the first dependency until the second one is secured tightly.
This is “Monkey Branching” at its finest.

Published: November 12, 2023 at 11:59AM

Saturday, November 11, 2023

TheXYGhost 019

60 years of feminism has taught us that men are equal to women. Why do men always need to pay the bill?


My Life As A Phone Psychic #7

Back in 2004, I received a call from a woman and after giving her my shtick, she asked me, “When is my Johnny coming back to me?”
In order to take more time (charging $6.99 per minute) I asked her Johnny’s date of birth and the last time she was intimate with him, so my spirit guide could contact with his spirit.
She quickly said, “June 23, 1972”
Thinking that was Johnny’s complete birth date, I asked her again when she was last intimate with Johnny. She told me, “1972”.
I had to get things straight with her as I was a bit confused. She began by telling me that she met this man back in 1972 after a concert in which Johnny was playing. She slept with him the same day and he tried to go his own way.
She persisted in seeing him in every local concert he played. He didn’t care about her.
She even moved into the same gated community and followed him to concerts when he was local. Johnny had to pass pictures of this stalker to security whenever he has a gig.
Years passed and he got married. She didn’t take the hint. She persisted in stalking him. She followed him when he moved to Upstate New York and again to New Jersey. She even told me that she married a man to get him jealous. When he had kids, she got pregnant to get his attention.
A number of ‘Protection Orders’ and she still never backed off.
Now we are in 2004. She divorced her husband and now spends weekends in her husband’s parent’s basement and weekdays at her husband’s place. Her 11-year-old daughter rather stay with her father than her mom. She could never hold a job to save her life. Johnny keeps getting ‘Protection Orders’ when the one before expires.
Johnny is still in a band and travels to Europe and all over the United States. He has 3 kids and is still married with his wife of 14 years.
Do you still want a side piece?

Published: November 11, 2023 at 11:59AM

Friday, November 10, 2023

TheXYGhost 018

I just finished talking to a Chinese woman that spoke very broken English. She knew the words, “Alimony” and “Half” really well.


My Life As A Phone Psychic #6

My friend and I were phone psychics and it a lot of was fun sharing stories and ideas with him about the callers. Some of his callers would call me and some of mine sometimes called him. One day he stumbled upon something. He told a caller that was looking to leave her husband that her husband forced her to marry him. The woman cried and confessed that she never told a soul about that and she was ashamed to tell anyone.
He started to add that into his readings and soon found out that almost all the callers would agree. It was so insane that I started telling women that their husband forced them to marry them. Some would cry as they agreed and it made them call even more.
I tried to tell women not to leave their husbands but they would just hang up on me. These women didn’t want psychics, they wanted to cherry pick ideas that made them look innocent and as a victim, always.
By the end of 6 months, I had a 30-minute monologue ready for any new caller that I started out even before they asked a single question. Their feedback on the website was something like;
“This man is very in tuned with me. He told me things I never told a soul. Right off the bat his readings were accurate and he never even asked me my date of birth. Highly recommend”

Published: November 10, 2023 at 11:59AM

Thursday, November 9, 2023

TheXYGhost 017

You get hit on by over 100 men per week, but you married the inmate you met while visiting your cousin in prison.


My Life As A Phone Psychic #5

At first, I laughed at my friend when he suggested that I should work as a phone psychic, but I soon found out that more than 90% of my callers were extremely predictable.
1) They were almost always women or gay men.
2) They were living off one man (husband or boyfriend) that they pretended to like yet they were not wrong for doing that.
3) They almost always asked about a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th man in their scope that they wish to live off instead.
4) They always ask, “Does he love me?”, “Will he commit to me?” or “When will he commit to me or love me?”
5) They almost always believe you are a good psychic if you support them leaving the man, they are with for the man they want.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Published: November 09, 2023 at 11:59AM

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

TheXYGhost 016

I do not have the Time, Money, Energy, Patience or the Knowledge to satisfy a woman’s every Want, Need and Desire, When, Where and How they want.


My Life As A Phone Psychic #4

I had a new caller and right away she started telling me her life story. So, at $6.99 per minute, I listened very carefully.
She told me that she was 57 years old and she lived a good life. She had 3 children and she made sure that her kids finished high school and college. She guided them to marry the “right” persons and “she” bought them all homes although she never had a job the entire marriage.
She told me that she did all that she could do for her kids and now it was her turn. She continued by saying, “I’m not selfish and I know where my kids are going. I’ve helped them on the right path in life. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING HUSBAND. HE SOLD HIS BUSINESS AND ENDED UP WORKING AT A FLORIST SHOP!”
She maintained composure and told me that she wanted to find out about her boyfriend that was 76 years old and was an owner of an oil refinery in Louisiana. She told me that this guy of her dreams was fooling around with 2 – 30-year-old women that were after his money only.
She told me about her two sons and her daughter then she told me that she lived in a $800,000 home that was fully paid for. She also told me that her husband, age 68, sold his business (Financial Services company) for $5 million to work with his army buddy selling flowers.
She summed up her entire story by reiterating, “I don’t want to know about me. I don’t want to know about my kids or my good for nothing husband. I NEED TO KNOW WHEN WILL MY BOYFRIEND COMMIT TO ME BECAUSE I CAN’T LEAVE MY HUSBAND WITHOUT HIM.”
I began by picking up the evil energies of the two 30-year-old girls. She was happy. I told her that these women will soon show their evil side to him and it will hit him that she is better for him. She was so pleased to hear that.
I told her that to get him hooked on her she needs to play “hard to get” and she agreed. She even said she thought that might be the best plan and she just needed me to confirm.
She then told me that she needed a hip replacement and she wanted to know if she should make her husband pay for it or should she wait for her boyfriend to commit to her. I became so sick to my stomach, I nearly thew up.
I ended up telling her to wait for her boyfriend to commit to her to get her hip replaced as when he rescues her, it will help him to bond with her.

Published: November 08, 2023 at 11:59AM

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

TheXYGhost 015

Ask 10,000 men on the street if they would ever hit a woman. Nearly all will say, “No”. Leave it to a woman to find the most abusive men each and every time.


My Life As A Phone Psychic #3

I had a caller that was very adamant about her intentions to leave her husband after 20 years, but in order to do that, she needed to find another man to latch on. She would call me from time to time asking me about every new man she met. She told her son, daughter and best friend of her intentions. She went in internet chat rooms (2002) to find men that will do her will and make her life a paradise.
One day she called me about a man in France that invited her to go there and live with him. He promised her the sun, moon and everything in between.
I almost begged her not to go. She told me that her 11-year-old daughter cried and begged her not to leave, but she bought a ticket to France to meet the man that she knew nothing about.
The next call I received from her was her in France, telling me that the man never showed up. She was shocked that I was right about what I told her. But she asked again if I thought the man would show up. I told her it would not be likely.
She spent a month in France, with the money she took from her husband, then went home. When she arrived, she was shocked at the reception she received from her family. She called me, and was ponderous as to why they would not be happy that she returned.
A few days past and she called, asking why her family was distancing themselves from her. She even told me that her best friend didn’t return her calls. She then saw the credit card bills and noticed a few purchases from Victoria’s Secret while she was in France.
In short, she kicked her support system in the crotch and wondered why he didn’t support her afterwards. Now she wanted me to help her get back with her husband and get him to break it off with her ex best friend, so she could continue her search. All for $6.99 per minute.

Published: November 07, 2023 at 11:59AM

Monday, November 6, 2023

TheXYGhost 014

Women, Kings get treated well and servants serve your needs. Do you want a man that is a King or a servant?


My Life As A Phone Psychic #2

I got this call from a woman in her mid-40s that told me her son died the day before. I really felt bad that moment and I wondered if I could handle this call on the psychic phone service I was working on. She told me that her two sons were arguing while working on a roofing job. One of her sons fell off the roof and that’s how he died.
I panicked, I thought that she was going to ask me to channel his spirit or something strange and bizarre. I was wrong. She finished that last sentence about her own son dying unhurt as she went on to ask the question for which she initially called.
She began, saying, “I met this man a while ago and he has yet to ask me out on a date. I see him on a regular bases and we talk all the time. Does this man love me? Will he ever get the nerve to ask me out?”
I was amazed. Here is this woman, whose son just died the day before and she was asking me about the possibilities of a man asking her out without a tear or a second thought about a son that died the day before.
I had to stop the call. I told the woman that I had forgotten to take my medication and I was feeling ill. I hung up the phone and she called back 30 minutes later without even mentioning her son’s death and focusing on how to get this man to take her out.

Published: November 06, 2023 at 11:59AM

Sunday, November 5, 2023

TheXYGhost 013

I identify as a MGTOW. What pronoun should feminist use to address me?


My Life As A Phone Psychic #1

After my divorce and after September 11th I became so depressed that I never left my apartment for years. After some time, a friend took pity on me and signed me up as a phone psychic. I laughed, telling this man that I was not a psychic. He then told me that all I had to do was tell people what they want to hear. This was very perplexing to me because, I thought that, in order for me to tell someone what they want to hear, I would have to know them and know what they want to hear in order for me to say those things. When I told him this he laughed and said it’s not that hard and I’m making it harder than it really is.
So, I started and very soon I was the top 30 of the over 10,000 psychics they had on board. I found out very quickly that 95% of my callers were female and 4% were gay men (female mind set) and the one question they ALWAYS asked every single time is, “Does he love me?” This is what narcissistic women want to know. They have no responsibility to have their own reasoning and understanding they need someone to figure it out for them.
Before long, I had a complete speech for callers before they even said a single word. I would tell them that the spirits were telling me that they were loving, caring, giving and sharing all the time and they never bother to give to themselves. I’d then tell them to take one day to pamper them self with a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage because she deserves that. What woman would hang up at $6.99 per minute. (I would get slightly less than that as my cut.)
I would also say to them that there is 2 main men in their life; one that is pushing towards her but she does not want anything to do with him and another one that may be drifting away. They would definitely concur stating that the one in their life was their husband or boyfriend and the man that maybe drifting away is the man they really wanted. It is easy to read simple minds.
It was April 7, 2003 and I got a call from a woman from upstate New York. She had a whisper of a voice as she told me about this man that she wanted in her life named Russell. She would tell me how much she was in love with this man and she asked me if Russell loved her and have received her letters. I said that in fact, he did and that he carried one letter in particular in his pocket every day. She was pleased to hear that.
She then told me that today is Russell’s birthday and that she was working hard to channel her energies to him because he is in New Zealand now. She also informed me that he was getting married today.
I was in shock. I had this gut feeling that she was talking about Russell Crowe the actor. I Google searched his name and to my surprise it was his birthday and he was getting married that very day.
I then started telling this lady that only minutes before he went to the alter to take his vows, he read her letter and put it in his inside jacket pocket right next to his heart. She sighed and moaned with that. I personally think by this time she was playing with her kitty. Which never happened before or since that day with other callers. At least I don’t think it did.
I love the movie Gladiator. It’s such a guy flick filled with great virtues. The Narcissist vs the Humble and a man that is a respected leader even as a slave alongside his sworn enemies. I’ve watched that movie over and over and over again at that time.
I told this woman about Russell’s regrets for marrying this woman even as he said the words, “I do” I also described Russell the way I would describe Russell’s character, Maximus, strong, leader, fearless and honorable. With every sentence I uttered, she responded with a sighing, “Yes!” I could not believe that this woman in her mid-forties was pining over a man that she had never met. This was purely pathetic. She paid $420 an hour for a stranger to tell her details about someone whom he does not know.
This went on for way more than an hour until her money ran out. Over the next few months, she called several times still wanting to know about her fantasy all the while distancing herself from any man that was real.
I’m gonna tweet this to Russell Crowe with my sincere apologies to him. @RussellCrowe

Published: November 05, 2023 at 11:59AM

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Girls, You Need to Lift the Seats Too

I was waiting in line to get in a bathroom at Starbucks® in midtown Manhattan in New York City. I was second in line and a cute, well-dressed girl with an expensive handbag was in front of me. Just then, the door to the bathroom opened and a Starbucks® employee came out with a broom, a dustpan and a spray bottle of sorts with him signifying that the bathroom was just cleaned. The girl went in and after a short time, you hear the toilet flush, water run and the hand dryer blowing, then she opened the door to leave.
I went in, locked the door and noticed a wad of toilet paper on the floor between the side of the toilet and the wall. I put on my glasses to inspect the seat, amazed to see droplets of urine on the left and right sides of the toilet seat. They say men are filthy and pee on the seats all the time. Women hover and they sprinkle on the sides of the seat. Why do they not lift the seat when they hover?

Published: November 04, 2023 at 12:01PM

Friday, November 3, 2023

TheXYGhost 011

What happens when, “It’s cheaper to keep her” meets “I’ll profit from a divorce”?


My Encounter with a Domestic Violence Councilor

A 57-year-old business acquaintance of mine, who was, at one time, a domestic violence councilor, began to lecture me about all the disservices I was committing against myself for being single. He even asked me, “What do you do?”, meaning what I did for sex. He even went as far as asking me if I masturbated often. I looked at him and asked him, “Why is my genitalia on your mind?” With that he stopped that line of questioning but he continued telling me how great his life was with “the right woman”. He had only met her about 6 years before, in his early fifties and her in her early forties.
She lives in Los Angeles with their son (age 5) and he travels back and forth between there and New York City.
In the past, I have seen him call his wife asking her permission to do something in NYC. I never want to ask permission of anyone to do anything I want to do. I’ve seen him on the phone with her and complaining, after hanging up, that she treats him like a child. That is not what I’m looking for out of my life. There were times he was late calling his wife. He got an ear full when he finally did call her. Again, not my idea of a great time.
Anyway, after chewing my ear off, he told me about his life as a domestic violence councilor and how he used to council men in prison for doing, amongst other things, pushing their wife’s face in a grease fryer. He started on this path trying to convince me that men were mean and abusive. He also told me about his wife’s ex-husband and how abusive he was to her. The look on his face was priceless when I told him that one side of the story does not a conclusion make. I also told him that his point of view that men are mean to women is conversely perceived as women only accepting vicious and violent men, the same as a lioness in the wild seeks the most vicious lion.
He diverted the subject just ever so slightly telling me about domestic violence laws. He told me that a simple argument can be classified as domestic violence if, while arguing, the man walks closer to a perceived weapon. He even used an example of a couple arguing and the man walks towards the direction of a gun cabinet on his way to the bedroom. He also said the same man can, while having a simple argument, sit at a table near a butter knife or lean closer to a broomstick and that too will make a simple argument into a domestic violence situation. I told him that I don’t want to live in fear that I might argue the wrong way that will end up with me in prison.
The above was written 3 years ago and this man found out that the love of his life was cheating on him with another woman. He later found out that “his son” was not his. He never believed it nor did he want to take a DNA test to prove it. His wife grew tired of him and had him arrested for domestic violence. His wife had bruises all over her body and a black eye. He swore up and down that he never struck her but his wife was awarded an “Order of Protection” against him. He finally found proof that “his son” was not his and he was pissed off that he had to continue to pay child support for a child that was not his. His, now, ex-wife lives in the house that he has to pay the mortgage, and she gets monthly child support payments.
Too bad I have not seen him since our first meeting.

Published: November 03, 2023 at 12:01PM

Thursday, November 2, 2023

TheXYGhost 010

Her: I’m a cougar.

TheXYGhost : Go catch a rat and eat it.

Women Want What She Shouldn’t Have. They Want the Forbidden Fruit.

– They love the gangsters, thugs and criminals.
– They love the prisoners.
– They love the married man.
– They love the liar and cheater.
– They love the under aged.
When years and years of this ideology not working for them, they want a millionaire, with a hot body to take all of their problems away from them.

Published: November 02, 2023 at 12:01PM

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

TheXYGhost 009

Her: If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.

TheXYGhost : That explains why I have no ring from you.

False Rape Accusations.

Women use false accusations because there is virtually no accountability for them.
Far too few are even charged, never mind tried and jailed and when they are, the sentence is a complete farce considering they can and have completely ruined a man’s life.
This is why due process and the rule of law MUST be followed! Sexual assault is a horrific crime but so are false accusations as they complete ruin a man’s life as well.
Here are some of the lies women have told and many men’s lives have been destroyed by lies like these.
This is a TINY SAMPLE from a 180+ page document I have compiled with untold hundreds of other examples, and I have the links to all the articles to prove they are all true. If you like I will send you the whole document.
Heartbroken mum of teen who killed himself after withdrawn rape allegation found hanged at family home.
– The family of grief-stricken Karin Cheshire, 55, said she ‘could not see a future’ without son Jay
– Cheshire, 17, who took his own life AFTER BEING FALSELY ACCUSED OF RAPE
– USC ignored likelihood that female student invented rape to not get fired, appeals court rules
– One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it “was a tactic” to try to derail the judge’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.
– Always Believe Women? Boy’s Life Destroyed by Girls’ False Allegations. The female accusers admitted they’d lied simply because they didn’t like the boy.
– Woman lied about rape because date didn’t drive her home
– Drunk seductress, 36, who forced herself on a 14-year-old boy then falsely accused him of rape when he reported her is jailed for more than four years
– Woman Claims Cop Raped Her. Then Body Cam Footage Is Released. A complete lie!
– Student Files Fake Gang Rape Case AFTER MISSING UNIVERSITY EXAM. The woman was let off after a stern warning from the police.
– Mother loses custody after filing 10 false abuse report against father
– Woman said her ex-fiance hit her, causing a black eye and other injuries. But now his attorney says this home surveillance video tells a different story as it shows the woman shouting, screaming and striking herself many times
– Two Students Hooked Up. It Was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,000 Defending Himself. A brief romantic encounter at UC-Davis triggered a Title IX investigation after the female student changed her mind about it weeks later.
– Mohali woman filed over 30 complaints of rape, wrongful restraint in 4 years
– Declared Innocent By Court Once Again, Rohtak Boys Ask Media To Declare Them Innocent. The media should now come forward and ‘declare’ the innocent Rohtak boys not guilty.
– The full bombshell texts that cleared BT engineer sent by jilted ex who wrongly accused him of rape, cleared him
– Connor Fitzgerald, 19, lost his job when he was accused of raping an ex – but she bragged how she wanted to ‘ruin his life’
– Woman accused 6 men of raping her is a false accusation. She also collected $2,000 from a special program for “rape victims”. That is nothing but a false rape encouragement and benefit program.
– ‘I’m free from this living hell’: Haunting last words of man who took his own life after fake rape claim… as police finally investigate accuser
– Weston man cleared of rapes ‘relieved’ 11-month nightmare at an end
– Woman who accused former Awabakal Local Aboriginal Land Council deputy chairman Richard John Green of rape makes full retraction
– Middlebury College Student Describes Hell of False Rape Allegation
– Mum gave kids sedatives in a bid to frame dad for ‘drugging and sexually abusing’ them
– Woman Who Falsely Accused Men Of Abuse Before Robbing Homes Is Arrested Again
– Woman who lied about being abducted, raped by black men pleads guilty to faking evidence
– Niagara Regional Police have charged a St. Catharines woman with public mischief after surmising she “misled police” about being sexually assaulted in Niagara Falls three weeks ago.
– Lawyer apologizes for falsely accusing trooper of rape
– Woman who falsely accused DPS trooper of rape won’t face additional charges
– Two girls arrested for filing fake rape complaint to extort Rs 2 lakh from youth
– Man cleared of raping ‘chronic liar’ demands police apology
– Father-of-two, 53, spent ‘torturous’ EIGHT MONTHS in jail over false rape claims after police withheld vital phone messages
– Woman arrested for trying to frame man in false rape case in Uttar Pradesh
– Another rape trial disgrace: Case collapses after police failed to investigate 30,000 Facebook ssages linked to the ‘victim’.

Published: November 01, 2023 at 11:59AM

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

TheXYGhost 008

Her: You don’t love me.

TheXYGhost : You need to find someone that does.

Monday, October 30, 2023

TheXYGhost 007

Her: You don’t love me.

TheXYGhost : Why? What have you done wrong?

Sunday, October 29, 2023

TheXYGhost 006

Her: You haven’t taken me out in months.

TheXYGhost : You haven’t taken me out, ever!

Saturday, October 28, 2023

TheXYGhost 005

Her: Buy me a drink

TheXYGhost : Why? Are you broke or just cheap?

Friday, October 27, 2023

TheXYGhost 004

Simp: You only have one mother.

TheXYGhost : Who will be the next father to your children?

Thursday, October 26, 2023

TheXYGhost 003

Her: I don’t need a man, I have a job!

TheXYGhost : OK by me.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

TheXYGhost 002

Feminism is about equality!

We need more female sanitation workers.


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

TheXYGhost 273

Her : Women age like fine wine.

TheXYGhost : Wine is worthless once uncorked.

Monday, October 23, 2023

TheXYGhost 365

Her : Your new home needs a woman’s touch.

TheXYGhost : If you lay one finger on my house, I’ll break your fingers.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

TheXYGhost 364

Her : Where have all the good men gone?

TheXYGhost : Do you think you are entitled to an endless number of getting down on one knee with a diamond ring in hand, begging you to be your servant?

Saturday, October 21, 2023

TheXYGhost 363

Her : Where have all the good men gone?

TheXYGhost : You divorced 2 and you dumped many before them.

Friday, October 20, 2023

TheXYGhost 362

You go through 3 divorces. You keep picking the wrong ones. She divorces 3 times, its never her fault.


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

TheXYGhost 360

He spent 5 years in prison for not paying child support for a child that was not his.


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

TheXYGhost 359

Her : It wasn’t my fault. It just happened.

TheXYGhost : Nothing is ever your fault.

Monday, October 16, 2023

TheXYGhost 358

She is twice divorced and has 3 kids from 3 different men, and you think she loves you?


Sunday, October 15, 2023

TheXYGhost 357

Her : Why are you still single?

TheXYGhost : I can’t find a woman that can buy the type of car I want.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

TheXYGhost 356

Her : There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

TheXYGhost : I prefer a filet mignon.

Friday, October 13, 2023

TheXYGhost 355

Her : I left him because he always did what I told him.

TheXYGhost : Why did you ask for what you didn’t want?

Thursday, October 12, 2023

TheXYGhost 354

He never cheated on his wife for 40 years. He asked my advice and 10 years later, he slept with over 300 women.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

TheXYGhost 353

Her : My son needs a father.

TheXYGhost : Don’t look at me, you divorced his father, not me.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

TheXYGhost 352

Her : I have a boyfriend.

TheXYGhost : You are so lucky.

Monday, October 9, 2023

TheXYGhost 351

Her : What kind of work do you do?

TheXYGhost : I am not interested in you.